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2PTTechnology, Inc - Web Development
Web Development

Depending upon your type of business, customers may or may not be trying to find you via the Internet. Some people still use paper phonebooks, but many people find it faster to search the web. If you are not on the Internet, we can create the web site for you. If you are already on the web, we can enhance your site to help you bring in more customers. We can also automate data collection via the web by putting the information that your customers provide directly into the systems that are currently running your business. Our fees include both the web application and the database design to store the data.

Web Applications

Today, more than ever, there are a variety of custom web applications that are available to enhance a Web site like never before. Because of this, a Web site can be more streamlined and yet still be very effective for the business owner.

2PTTechnology makes your site more organized and effective instead of a bunch of misguided pages that have the user confused and frustrated.


Today’s consumer is more intelligent than ever. Because of this, eCommerce is more popular now than at any other time in history. Because brick and mortar storefronts are all but obsolete, the eCommerce experience needs to be exhilarating, trustworthy and economical for the consumer. For the business owner, the website needs to be a true extension of their business and somehow manage to give their customers the same experience that they would get if they walked through the front doors of the live store.

Selling products or services online may seem easy, but there has to be something unique about the website that draws the customer in time and time again. ECommerce offers many attributes that a brick and mortar store cannot and today’s successful business owner will take advantage of every one of them: 24/7 Business Outlet, Worldwide Customer Base, Lower Overhead Costs

CMS (Content Management System)

Today’s websites are much more complex than the old “static” pages that were once the norm on the Internet. Certain businesses require that their site has entries from multiple users all over the globe and asking one person to organize this would be virtually impossible.

Without CMS, it would be virtually impossible to have a site that was organized when content is being supplied by various users at the same time. Being able to manage all of this is a must and that is exactly what a CMS will do for the Internet based business.

We also understands that not every business has the same CMS needs. The result is a website that is truly dynamic and that continues to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without interruption, all the while being updated and changed to meet the needs of not only the business, but also the consumer.

Web Portals

2PTTechnology offers comprehensive offshore Portal solutions that help businesses streamline and standardize their IT operations into a common workspace. Our Portal solutions allow you to access, share and aggregate and manage data through a single portal platform. They facilitate "standardization" of data across the globally distributed businesses of your Company and optimize the cost of its information life cycle management.

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