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Truck Tracker - Please visit www.DispatchSoft.com
Truck Dispatch Software

Truck Tracker is a simple to use application that allows multiple dispatchers to simultaneously update a virtual War Sheet real-time.

The application was written for a company that rents over 5,000 trailers/containers to numerous customers. The company used 12 dispatchers prior to implementing the software and was able to reduce that number to 8 after the application came into use.

Once the application is updated with all the trailer information, customer information and driver information all of the dispatchers see the same data on their computer screens and are able to take the phone calls from the drivers and make the updates that instantaneously display on all other dispatchers screens.

The application smarts only refreshes the data that changed and not the whole application which makes the application very fast and easy and lessens the chatter on the network. The application is configurable and can also run a modeless dialog on a second screen if desired. All changes made by the users to a load/trailer, are logged and can be reviewed by the manager at anytime also at any time, a report can be printed of the current locations of all the trailers by the customers or by dates moved.

Construction Tracker
Construction Software

For our General Contractor and Sub Contractor friends 2PT has developed an easy to use windows based program called ConstructionTracker.

It enables the contractor to print/export statements required by title companies in the Sworn Statement format. The program also allows you to view all previous Sworn Statements using a database and gives you the ability to create, edit, view partial invoices and make payments on Invoices and partial invoices and lastly to create and maintain a customer database, create and convert proposals into invoices and view payment history.

Label Station
Label Station Software

We offer very comprehensive and reliable plant-processing software that provides managers with monitoring and management control capabilities that significantly increase productivity at a fraction of the price of all other food processing applications.

Label Station is a necessary part of any food processing solution. It is a custom bar coding software used to track finished product throughout your facility. The process is simple, finished sealed product is placed into a either a corrugated box or weighed individually (catch weight or net weight) after which a custom label bearing all your necessary information with a barcode is printed out and applied to the product. The system also has the ability to track and create Pallet Ids. Pallet Ids can be created either while production is running live by tracking each case that is weight and after a set amount of boxes an Pallet Id is printed

out containing all the information of that run, or the Pallet Id can be created anytime after production using a handheld scanner. The Software comes equipped with four much needed reports, Shipped, Produced, Inventory and Recall. Whether you have one production line or 100 lines expansion is easy because each scale work station is identified by the MAC address and each scale by line and department number.

Label Station is a windows based software and runs with SQL database, it also uses reporting services that allows users to drill down in reports which are windows and web based. Currently the system has been successfully tested and implemented using a Doran 8000 XL scale, a Zebra 105 SL printer, Comark NEMA 17 touch screen workstation and a Motorola MC9090/MC50 Handheld Scanners.

Thru much trial and error the systems database has been optimized for speed without the compromise of accuracy. The system can be modified to fit any food processing operation.

Features of Label Station:

Can print fixed weight
Can print catch weight
Can print net weight
Can print no weight
Prints in both Kg and Lbs
Using the same printer print Pallet Id
Is tracked for traceability purposes

Recall report
Inventory report
Shipped report
Production report
Windows and web based
Drill down capability
Can be emailed nightly/daily

* Doran scales
* RiceLake scales
* Zebra printer
* Comark NEMA 17 touch screen workstation
* Motorola
       - MC9090 Handheld device (used for shipping and transferring)
       - MC50 Handheld device (used for shipping and transferring)
* USB scanners (used for deleting orphaned labels to avoid creating false inventory)
*Most models will work

All activity is tracked by login user
Microsoft .NET 3.5
Runs can be identified by Department, Line and shift
Ability to track Lots
Set Min and Max weights for all products

-Coming Soon
QA module
Receiving Module

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